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Respect Your King.

That means me, you know!

Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV
One King to rule them all, One King to find them,
One King to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them.

(That'd be moi, the one, true, super-cool, real deal, purely evil, Evil King Stan!)


IC roleplay journal for campfuckudie! If you want to contact me, leave a comment on an entry at my real journal, sailor_comet, or drop me an e-mail at sailorcomet [at] gmail.com.

Stan's lj icons are either official art, drawn by me, taken from doujinshi scans, or fanart. Fanart icons will credit the artist in the comments. Please do not take the icons--I know once before I have given blanket permission, but I have changed my mind. If you really wish to use one, leave a comment either on this journal or my personal one asking permission, and depending on the icon, you might actually get it!


"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings; look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!"
--Ozymandias, Percy Bysshe Shelly

"Goodness, in their opinion, was not a virtue but merely spinelessness and fear disguised as humility."
--Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic

"... hatred is always more ingenious and clear-sighted than friendship."
-- Les Liaisons dangereuses

"A country where the virtuous govern the wicked will suffer from disorder, so that it will be dismembered; but a country where the wicked govern the virtuous will be orderly, so that it will become strong...
If penalties are made heavy and rewards light, the ruler loves his people and they will die for him; but if rewards are made heavy and penalties light, the ruler does not love his people, nor will they die for him.
If things are done that the enemy would be ashamed to do, there is an advantage."
--The Book of the Lord Shang (translated by Samuel B. Griffith)

"A king should not forever live under a more powerful king. Even though weak, he should try to unseat the stronger and, resolved upon this, continue to rule his own. He should assail the stronger with weapons, fire, and the administration of poisons. He should also create dissension among the other's ministers and servants...
One should bear one's enemy on one's shoulder as long as the times are unfavourable. When the opportunity comes, however, one should smash him, like an earthen jar on a stone...
A king seeking prosperity should not hesitate to kill his son, brother, father, or friend, if any one or more of these should stand in his way..."
Without cutting the very vitals of others, without performing many cruel deeds, without killing living creatures, as fishermen kill fish, one cannot win prosperity...
Might is above right; right proceeds from might; right has its support in might, as living beings in the soil. As smoke the wind, so right must follow might. Right in itself has no authority; it leans on might as the creeper on the tree."
--"Book of the Great War of the Sons of Bharata," Mahabharata


As a reference for myself, here are some lovely Japanese Okage fanart sites: